AJWS El Salavdors Mangroves

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American Jewish World Service
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For centuries, El Salvador’s precious mangroves have protected coastal communities from powerful storms. They provide food and income to millions of people. But these life-saving mangroves are fast disappearing due to climate change and industrial farming. Leaving communities vulnerable to more powerful storms and destruction. Including fisherman like Manuel, who lost everything in a recent flood. But AJWS grantee UNES is helping residents fight back. UNES is bringing communities together. Providing them with knowledge and training to restore their mangroves. Thanks to UNES’s efforts, mangroves are once again starting to thrive. Giving communities hope they can live here sustainably for generations to come. AJWS is proud to support UNES in the fight to protect our mangroves and save our planet. American Jewish World Service. To learn more, visit ajws.org.