Some of the campaign’s most important activities take place after the campaign has ended. This is the time to Show Some Love and say “thank you” to department or agency leadership, campaign workers and donors. Recognition and appreciation builds morale and a strong foundation for next year’s campaign.The CFCNCA offers a variety of ways to recognize your department, your individual offices, your campaign workers and your donors.

  • Thank your Keyworkers for a job well done and present them with Certificates of Appreciation.
  • Encourage Keyworkers to hand out CFC Thank You Cards and/or write personal thank you notes to their assigned employees.
  • Send letters/emails from the Campaign Chairperson to campaign workers and donors.
  • Hold a recognition reception for campaign workers.
  • Give pins to donors who have self-identified as earning Eagle or Double Eagle Awards.


Department, Agency, and Reporting Unit Recognition
The CFCNCA provides awards for departments, agencies and reporting units for a variety of contributions and efforts. In an effort to direct more dollars to charities, reporting units must have a minimum of 100 employees to qualify for a plaque award. Reporting units under 100 employees can download certificates below (coming soon).

  • President's Award for reporting units with 75 percent employee participation or $275 per capita gift.
  • Chairperson's Award for reporting units with 67 percent employee participation or $225 per capita gift.
  • Honor Award for reporting units with 60 percent employee participation or $175 per capita gift.
  • Merit Award for reporting units with 50 percent employee participation or $125 per capita gift.
  • Million Dollar Circle Award for departments or agencies that generate more than $1 million in donations.
  • Summit Award for departments or agencies that achieve a 3 percent increase in total dollars raised.
  • Participation Achievement Award for departments or agencies that achieve a 2 percent increase in participation.
  • eGiving Award for departments or agencies that have at least a 10 percent increase in online donations with a minimum of 10 online donations.
  • Outstanding Payroll Deduction Giving for attaining an exemplary level of support for the CFC with 75 percent or more of contributors making payroll deduction gifts.
  • 100 Percent of Goal for any reporting unit meeting or exceeding its campaign goal.

Chairperson’s Awards

  • Spirit of Community Award for the local charity that most embodies the spirit of the CFCNCA. 
  • Spirit of Service Award for the campaign worker who has shown years of support and service to the CFCNCA.
  • Leadership Award for the agency head who has shown leadership and support of the CFCNCA. 

Campaign Worker Recognition

  • Best Campaign Awareness Award for Vice Chairs, Campaign Managers, Campaign Coordinators, and other members of your campaign team.
  • Special Service for campaign workers who have provided outstanding service to the campaign.
  • Certificates of Appreciation for each Keyworker.


Place orders for awards and certificates after you've done the bulk of your fundraising. The CFCNCA can only provide one award plaque per eligible reporting unit. It is best to order all awards and certificates at the same time.

Campaign Managers (or their designees) can use MANAGE to order the following awards for qualified departments, agencies or reporting units:

  • President's
  • Chairperson's 
  • Honor
  • Merit

CFCNCA staff will order the following awards for departments or agencies that qualify:

  • Million Dollar Circle
  • Summit
  • Participation
  • eGiving Awards

Each department, agency, or reporting unit must notify the CFCNCA of each name and verify the accurate spelling for engraving on plaques. Plaques will be delivered to the address entered on the order form. Allow seven working days for preparation and delivery of plaques. Review plaques for accuracy immediately upon delivery. Each eligible unit is limited to one complimentary award.
If you are unable to order awards online, contact your Loaned Executive or a CFCNCA staff member for help.