Beckham's Journey

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St. Luke's Health Foundation
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Summary: St. Luke’s Health Foundation and St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital are pleased to submit our video featuring Beckham McGillivray and his diabetic story. Beckham was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 3 years of age. He’s now 10 and with the help of our Children’s Diabetic program at St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital, he’s now a thriving, active boy. Transcription of Beckham’s Diabetes Journey: [Logo for St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital appears] [Calm background music begins] [Bree McGillivray, Beckham’s mother, is seated in front of large picture window] Bree: When Beckham was three, he started experiencing some symptoms of frequent urination and needed to drink a lot of water, and we went to our St. Luke’s primary physician and he actually sent us over to the hospital here, and Beckham was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. [Camera switches to Dr. Daniel Flynn, endocrinologist, seated in smaller room in front of large picture window] Dr. Flynn: That’s the predominant type that affects people under 18 years old. You need to give back insulin into the body with injections and so nobody wants to have shots you know three, five, more times per day. Yet Beckham was able not only put up with that, but embrace it and do so and thrive since diagnosis. [Camera switches back to Bree] Bree: Beckham spent three days in the hospital, managing that diabetes, getting it under control, learning how to control it and then moving forward with that. [Beckham McGillivray, St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital patient, is seated in front of large picture window] Beckham: Thank you for St. Luke’s for helping kids like me!