Campaign Video Transcript

Manning Pellanda: Hello, my name is Manning Pellanda and my cause is medical research. My life was touched a few years ago, because my mother passed away from breast cancer. Also, because one of my best friends from college has multiple sclerosis, and she is now confined to a hospital bed in her own home. Recently my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I am not someone that can find a cure for any of those – as I wish I could. But I can donate. I can contribute. I can give through payroll deduction. It’s coming out. I know it’s helping who I want it to help.

Anita Washington:  Many years ago, my 5-year-old granddaughter was hospitalized 45 miles away from home. We were able to contact one of the organizations, and we were able to stay in one of their houses that they provide for families who had children that were in the hospital. For those who have helped me, I’d like to thank each and every one of you. You have no idea how you have touched my life. You have shown love for me and my family for all the wonderful things that you did, while we were there at the home and while we were in the hospital.

Jeanne Phillips:  Every day I feel like we’re bombarded about people in need and I feel that each of us has the feeling of, I can’t really solve that problem. I think we make it much too big, but if we try to help one person at a time, I do really, truly believe that we can change the world in small ways and cumulatively change the world – the big picture.

Manning Pellanda: If you do not provide support in your community, there are people that are going to possibly go hungry. They don’t have access to any medical care. They have no place to sleep at night. If you don’t want to give money, you could actually volunteer your time to a homeless shelter, to a food bank and fill food baskets. You can do something. If you’re passionate about something, it should be a simple step towards contributing, either through your cash or through your time and talent.

Female Speaker 1:  The cause I support is veterans.

Female Speaker 2:  The cause I support is animal rescue.

Male Speaker 1:  The cause I support is homelessness.

Male Speaker 2:  My cause is ocean pollution.

Female Speaker 3:  My cause is human trafficking.

Female Speaker 4:  What cause do you support?

Female Speaker 5:  Hey Federal employees and retirees, if you’re wondering how to make an impact in the world, give to a cause you really care about through the CFC. It’s that simple. You can even volunteer. Choose your cause and Show Some Love today.