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Child Care Aware of America
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(Woman holding Show Some Love sign) My cause is Child Care because in this crazy world we live in, my children deserve stability inside the home and outside of it as well (Man holding Show some love sign) Because child care should not cost as much as my daughter’s college education (Woman holding Show some love sign) Because as a mother, I should feel confident and comfortable about who I’m leaving my child with for the majority of the day (Woman on street holding Show Some Love sign) Because every child deserves to feel smart, capable, and know that they belong (Woman holding Show some love sign) Because the cost of child care shouldn’t exceed the cost of my rent (Woman standing in front of wall) I’m Lynette Fraga, Executive Director of Child Care Aware of America, and my cause is quality, affordable, child care. We are working every day to improve quality, increase provider wages and connect families with quality care in their communities. You can join us by earmarking your contribution to code 12300. But whatever your cause, show some love and be a part of the Combined Federal Campaign. (Group) My cause is Child care!