Community Shares

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Greater Cleveland Community Shares
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Consistent throughout video: Audio throughout: Background upbeat piano music Text throughout in right hand side: Community Shares CFC #13363 Woman speaking throughout: Phyllis Harris, Executive Director of the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland. She is speaking to the camera while sitting in her office. Seconds 1-10 Text displayed: Greater Cleveland Community Shares supports social change in our community. 4 Photos: Volunteers collecting waste by the water’s edge, Woman from Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity cutting wood, Community theatre rehearsal, Public mural displayed on a fence. Seconds 10-20 Phyllis Harris, Executive Director of the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland speaking while sitting in her office: “Community Shares’ mission is to support organizations that tie into, and wrap around needs that many greater Clevelanders have.” 5 Photos: Physically disabled transportation van, animal adoption, community gardening, local grown food from New Agrarian Center, man getting haircut at the homeless stand down, Text: Community Shares thoroughly vets groups, ensuring donations are spent wisely. 5 Photos: Donations of toiletries, children’s handwritten instructions about gardening, nurse shaking child’s hand, nurse feeding baby, food pantry organizing, Seconds 20-30 Phyllis Harris: “They’ve gone through a vetting process and you know that we’re engaged.” 5 Photos: Construction work, children’s music lessons, house painting, neighborhood organizing, Narcan overdose medication, Phyllis Harris: “Stewardship of the donations is being handled well by Community Shares.” Seconds 30-40 Text displayed: We trust our vetted local organizations to give support where it’s most needed. Photos: Community map planning, event speaker, kidney screening, children’s drawing, civil rights banner, Phyllis Harris: “Of you get those things in place, it’s like basic needs” Seconds 40-50 Phyllis Harris: “It helps sustain organizations throughout the year.” Photos: donated clothing, Providence House building, office meeting, pet adoption photo session, Text: This allows our members to create real lasting change in our community. Photos: bagged lunches that have “you’re special” written on them, landscape work, “Bail” art exhibit, disabled group learning session, Mental health awareness ribbon, Seconds 50-60 Phyllis Harris: “There’s strength in numbers. It’s important that you’re not feeling like you’re in it alone. Photos: Building a playground, Labor Rally for Justice for Janitors, Human rights activism group, Bikes for Tikes’ ‘Watch for bikes’ sign, Protect healthcare rally, 3 children with down syndrome participating in a rally, RTA bus route map Last slide: Text displayed: “You’re invited”! Photo: Community Shares logo Photo CFC #13363