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Dogs for Better Lives
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CFC-Share the Love Campaign Dogs for Better Lives trains Autism Assistance Dogs for children and families living with autism. This program is geared towards successfully integrating children with autism into daily routines. Autism Assistance Dogs often have a calming effect on the child, increasing the child’s willingness and ability to communicate. Autism Assistance Dogs are trained to act as an anchor, providing a stabilizing force to keep the child out of traffic, bodies of water, and other dangerous situations. They can help to improve social skills and may reduce undesirable behaviors common to children on the autism spectrum. In addition, our Autism Assistance Dogs are trained to work with the parent/guardian and/or caregiver of the child with autism. When the “team” goes out in public, the child with autism is tethered at the wrist to the dog. If the child bolts, the Autism Assistance Dog is trained to sit, thus allowing the handler the ability to protect the child from danger. The handler can also cue the Autism Assistance Dog to sit, allowing the handler the ability to focus on a task that requires them to take their attention off the child. This video represents a day in a life of a child on the spectrum. Safety, Confidence, and Comfort is what a Dogs for Better Lives Autism Assistance Dogs provides. Thank you for your consideration, Michelle M. Erwin