Damien's Story - Children's Hospitals

Damien Hill holding a Show Some Love sign

Damien Hill holding a blue Show Some Love circleMy cause is supporting children's hospitals. My first born son had a seizure, out of nowhere, at age 13. He was taken to a local hospital where he experienced a grand mal seizure and was immediately transferred to a specialized children's hospital. He spent a week in ICU with a respirator. Our whole family was reeling with shock. Through the entire ordeal, the knowledgeable and kind doctors and medical teams comforted, advised, and supported us. Miraculously, he responded well to their treatment and is now 26 years old, active and living life to the fullest. When my youngest son, at age two, had a fever-related seizure, we knew exactly where to take him. The complete confidence we had in the children's hospital from our prior experience came through for us again. My youngest son is now 10 years old, playing basketball, and doing fine!

I am so thankful the CFC gives me the opportunity to contribute to children's hospitals and help other families going through a similar, scary experience as my family did. Giving through the CFC is such a reciprocal relationship, because you never know when you may need one of the CFC-supported organizations to help you.

Damien Hill, Farm Credit Administration