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TRANSCRIPT Every morning, worldwide, 630 million people wake up faced with the very real possibility that they will go to bed hungry.   Parents wake up wishing they could send their children to school, while their children cling to the hope that their dreams of a better future might come true.   Living in poverty isn’t only an economic state of being, it’s about self-worth, dignity, and hope for the future. It is a state of mind that is passed down from parents to children in a generational cycle.   But, this is a cycle that can be broken. EndPoverty is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and returning dignity, self-worth and hope to struggling people all around the world.   EndPoverty is a faith-based organization that forms strategic partnerships with grassroots micro-enterprise development organizations to provide critical financial support and training to those most in need. We help aspiring entrepreneurs start sustainable and scalable businesses through loans they can actually afford and through life-changing mentorship. In other words, we empower individuals to change their own lives, the lives of their families, and the communities within which they live. All it takes is a few dollars to make hope a reality in creating a sustainable future.   Thanks to your support through the Combined Federal Campaign, we are helping today's entrepreneurs create a better tomorrow. VIDEO CLIP DESCRIPTIONS 00;00;00;00 Slowly flying over flat, agricultural land in rural Africa. Mountains can be seen in the distance. 00;00;05;00 Close-up of a Bangladeshi woman in a dark, patterned head scarf smiles as she listens to an endPoverty team member tell a story to a group. 00;00;06;50 An middle-aged African woman in a vibrant blue top sits and smiles in front of a red mud brick wall. 00;00;07;50 The sun flares across the screen as the camera reframes to reveal an African woman, surrounded by colorful fabrics, sewing at a table in front of her shop in a market. 00;00;10;50 A brown, wooden cross is nailed to a worn, teal painted wooden door. The camera slowly pans and refocuses on a middle-aged Bangladeshi man while he weaves a basket from bamboo strips. 00;00;17;50 A rickshaw driver in Dhaka, Bangladesh, crosses the screen while a busy street-side vendors deal with customers and sell their goods. 00;00;20;00 In front of a fully stocked grocery stall in an African market, a loan officer speaks to the shop owner about her business. 00;00;21;50 A close shot of the loan office's hands while she counts the grocer's loan payment. 00;00;23;50 An empty classroom filled with black desks in front of big windows. 00;00;25;00 A Bangladeshi male loan officer is seen from behind while he teaches a group of women. 00;00;26;50 A wider of the same white-shirted loan officer from behind, with the full room of colorfully dressed women seated in the floor facing him. 00;00;27;50 A close up of one of the women in the room leaning against a rough brick wall, with the other women out of focus behind her. She is dressed in red and grey, and is smiling and clapping. 00;00;28;50 A close up of curly wood shavings being made. 00;00;30;00 A young African man in a blue construction outfit planes a board by hand in front of his brick-walled shop. 00;00;32;50 The same young man sits smiling beside a similarly dressed older man. They are in a cluttered room, and electric generator and various sizes of lumber can be seen behind them. 00;00;33;50 A young African man in a grey beanie and red tank top measures a piece of lumber under the guidance of an older African man in a dark polo shirt. They are working on top of a wood jointer, and number of unfinished wooden chairs can be seen in the background. 00;00;35;50 The older African man in the dark polo shirt is now sitting in front of the unfinished chairs. He is smiling, laughing, and talking. 00;00;38;50 The hands of a woman are seen guiding a narrow piece of colorful fabric through an old-style sewing machine. 00;00;39;50 A young Bangladeshi mother in a red head scarf helps her toddler aged child wave at the camera. Her older son is standing and waving at her side, while her co-workers are seen standing in the background. 00;00;42;00 A group of Bangladeshi children clump in front of the camera and excitedly through their hands in the air, while in the background their mothers and older siblings look on. 00;00;43;50 Flour-covered hands are rolling out small pieces of dough on a small board. Flour is piles all around. 00;00;44;50 A Bangladeshi woman in a pink a brown headscarf sits and smiles in the corner a brick-walled building while she rolls out dough. 00;00;45;50 A young African woman in a red sweater and teal apron stands laughing inside her market stall. A scale, fridge, and large oil containers sit in the background behind her. 00;00;48;50 The camera pans across the faces of a group Bangladeshi children standing in a group. They smile as they look into the camera. 00;00;50;50 An older African woman in vibrantly patterned top sits and laughs in front the white canvas bags she sells in her shop. 00;00;52;00 A clean-shaven, sweat beaded Bangladeshi man in a collared shirt sits in a brick walled room and smiles at the camera. 00;00;53;50 A middle aged Bangladeshi woman in an orange head scarf and gold nose-ring smiles at the camera while her employees look on. An overlay reading "Partner today at endPoverty.org" appears on the screen. 00;00;55;50 A young Bangladeshi woman in a black and silver patterned headscarf smiles to herself, then looks at the camera. The clip fades to black.