Event Planning

Why have campaign events?

Taking the time to plan well-organized, interesting campaign events will pay off in the overall success of the CFC in your department, agency, or installation. Campaign events help educate donors about the CFC and its participating charities, promote federal employee engagement, and encourage participation in the campaign. Campaign events can be powerful. Donors are motivated when hearing directly from charities about the incredible impact CFC donations have on the lives of people in need.  Learn more about campaign events below or by downloading our Event Guide and Event Planning Presentation

Event Planning Guidelines and Regulations

  • Campaign events offer an additional touch point with potential contributors, but they do not replace the necessity of the personal ask, which is best accomplished through one-on-one contact by a Keyworker.

  • Cash fundraising events are not permitted under CFC regulations. However, events are a great way to educate your colleagues on how to make their pledge. Have trained campaign workers in attendance to answer questions regarding donation options. Feel free to demo the online pledge portal and have paper Pledge Forms and Pledge Tip Cards available. 

  • Always follow your department or agency's specific regulations and ethics guidelines when planning events. This includes obtaining proper approvals before your event.

  • CFC funds cannot be used to purchase food or drink. Food and beverages can be donated (e.g., a potluck luncheon). 

  • CFC funds cannot be used to purchase prizes or entertainment.

Types of Events

From kickoff to closing out the campaign, events are critical to encourage participation and increase awareness. Events can be part of something already scheduled, like inviting a charity speaker to weekly staff meetings, or they can be a stand-alone, like a chili cook-off. See the Event Planning Guide for more event ideas.


These events educate your community on the options and benefits of supporting charities through the CFC. Invite guest speakers such as leaders at your agency or installation and representatives from CFC-supported charities. These events are a great way to spread the word about the campaign and build motivation to support charities through the CFC. Awareness events can be held at the beginning of the campaign (e.g., a kickoff event) or throughout the campaign (e.g., a charity fair).


These events are often held in conjunction with an event that is already taking place at your agency or installation (e.g., leadership calls and staff meetings, farewell parties, bazaars, training/safety days, etc.). Hosting a friendly CFC competitive event can boost energy around the campaign and add a fun element to an existing event (e.g., push up contest) and provide bragging rights to the winning office or unit. This year, consider planning special events in support of the Cause of the Week, #GivingTuesday (Nov. 27), International Volunteer Day (Dec. 5), or the last five days of the campaign. 


Recognition events allow department, agency, or installation leaders to publicly recognize and thank campaign workers for their dedication and thank all employees for their generosity through the CFC. These are usually held toward the end of the campaign, as a finale event, or even a few weeks after the completion of the campaign.

How to Plan a Successful Event

  1. Establish an active event planning committee. Recruit committee members from all areas and include a variety of ranks/pay grades. Assign each committee member a specific task and deadline. Encourage creativity!
  2. Request leadership support. Ask leadership to send an email invitation to CFC events. Invite leadership to speak at and/or participate in CFC events. Publicize leadership participation via your website, intranet, newsletter, social media, etc.
  3. Motivate your co-workers to attend. Ensure there is a "draw" (e.g., a prize, a competition, free food). Make it fun! Publicize, publicize, publicize: be sure everyone knows about the event and is reminded to attend.
  4. Utilize the Event Planning Checklist. See the Event Planning Guide for more tips on how to plan a successful CFC event.