Fonkoze: Our Work, Your Impact

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Many years ago, a Haitian priest named Father Joseph Philippe wanted to find a better way to help the poor in his country. He was sure that if the rural people of Haiti were empowered with access to financial and development services, they would be able to lift their families out of poverty. So he and his American friend Anne worked with supporters at home and abroad to bring Father Joseph's idea to life. Rural women would now have access to reliable financial and development services that empowers them to grow their businesses and improve their livelihoods. Father Joseph and Anne knew that the best way to empower the poor is to stand shoulder to shoulder with them throughout their journey out of poverty...So they named their organization FONKOZE, which means "Shoulder to Shoulder Foundation". Fonkoze has empowered hundreds of thousands of rural Haitians with the tools needed to overcome poverty through its programs. To learn more about Fonkoze and how you can make a difference, visit Fonkoze at