Friends #88219

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Friends of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter
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Image: Collage of dogs and cats, Friends' logo and text reading, "Together we are saving lives and finding forever home." Image of hound dog with floppy brown ears with caption and voice over: Friends of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter funds support for shelter pets beyond what the county budget can provide. Image of grey striped cat peeking through a small round doorway with caption and voice over: But only with your help. Image of small, fluffy grey and white dog with caption and voice: Each year, more than 5,000 pets come to our local shelter, as strays, surrendered by their owner, or seized by animal protection police. Video of Suzie, a medium sized, short-hair, blond and white dog in an underwater dog treadmill with glass walls. Caption and voice over: Pets like Suzie, who was found with a broken leg and the tip of an arrow in her chest. With Friends' help, Suzie is making a full recovery and enjoying the love of her new family. Image of small, fluffy, white dog, running in the grass, his rear legs assisted by a small blue and silver wheelchairs. Caption and voice over: Friends helps our shelter's special needs pets like Georgie, who is now in a loving home. Image of a medium sized, short haired, grey and white dog with minor head abrasions and a bandaged rear leg. Caption and voice over: And Finnegan, found as a stray with extensive injuries. Image of same dog resting with his head on a pillow. Caption and voice over: With help from Friends and our amazing shelter community… Image of same dog sniffing nose-to-nose with small white pug dog. Caption and voice over: …he too has found his forever home. Image of a card reading “Thank You” with a collage of a small black and white kitten. Caption and voice over: Kitten Ariel was so grateful for our help, that she sent a thank you card! Return to original collage image with voice over: Please join in our effort by selecting CFC #88219. Together, we are saving lives and finding forever homes.