Habitat Chesapeake Completes 750 Homes in Maryland

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Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake
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We believe that Habitat is building a foundation, not only for the homeowner but for communities. One of the neighborhoods Habitat Chesapeake works in is Woodbourne-McCabe (McCabe Avenue); it was one of the first Vacants-to-Value program with Baltimore City. We took on 21 properties and, since then, we've settled on over 16 houses there with families and we are trying to acquire an additional 8 properties. Already, we are seeing a drastic difference with how that's changing the community. When we go into a neighborhood, we're looking for a number of partners. Baltimore City is a big partner, the State of Maryland is a big partner. You need to partner with community associations. When you're putting somebody into a home, you're really giving them what I would say is the foundation of life.