Human Rights Watch Chinas Xinjiang Province The New Police State

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Human Rights Watch
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Kairat Samarkand – former Detainee “They are planning a nation that’s homogenous. Everyone has to be Chinese.” Sophie Richardson – China Director, Human Rights Watch “The Chinese government has long treated the Turkic Muslim population of Xinjiang with hostility. It considers their religion, their culture, their language as evidence of political disloyalty.” As many as one million Turkic Muslims are in political education camps. “At the camp, they taught us the national anthem and songs praising Mao Zedong.” – Kairat Samarkand “Life inside the political education camps and life in Xinjiang are actually not so very different.” – Sophie Richardson “An hour commute takes half a day because of all the checks and inspections. They check your ID, and do iris checks and body checks.” “They wanted to exterminate Muslim people, Muslim writing, Muslim dress.” – Kairat Samarkand Share this video.