International Rescue Committee What happens when the U.S. slashes refugee admissions.

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International Rescue Committee
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Did you know that the number of refugees allowed to resettle into the United States is the lowest it’s been in modern history? Here’s what you need to know. Since its inception, the modern refugee resettlement program has always had strong bipartisan support. No matter who’s been in the White House, American has always been a beacon of hope for refugees. Since 1980, the average admission ceiling has exceeded 95,000. But the recent presidential determination now sets the ceiling to just 30,000 people. So why is this alarming? Well. When the U.S refused to do its part, it discourages our allies from accepting larger portions of the world’s 25 million refugees, a position that compromises global security. As the number of refugees around the world continue to climb, tell your representatives to keep our humanitarian legacy alive.