Laura's Story - Animal Welfare

Laura Guthridge holding an illustrated baby owl

Laura Guthridge holding an illustrated baby owlMy cause is animal welfare. As a Sailor, I know firsthand that serving our country isn't always easy. Having my furry friends at home helps me get through some tough times. They are my support, companions, and comforters. Animals have this way of knowing how you are feeling and can help in unexpected ways. For example, when I returned from a long deployment, my one-eyed, black cat, Killer, adopted from the Bahrain SPCA, hopped right in my lap, purring so loudly and rubbing his whole body against mine. My heart was filled with joy and love. I will never forget that feeling!

By supporting my cause through the CFC, I will give veterans, children, the elderly, and others a chance to experience the loyalty and companionship pets provide. Donating through the CFC is rewarding, strengthens our values, and can make us happier! The CFC allows us to support our local communities and the welfare of others while bringing us all closer together.

YN1(SW/IW) Laura Guthridge, U.S. Navy