MAGNOLIA CLUBHOUSE: A Community of Support

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Magnolia Clubhouse
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MAGNOLIA CLUBHOUSE: A Community of Support Welcome to Magnolia Clubhouse, a community of support for people living with mental illness in Cleveland, Ohio. At the heart of the clubhouse, is the belief that work and relationships are rehabilitative. Any adult with a mental illness may become a member. On any given day, you will find clubhouse members and staff working side by side in order to prepare the daily lunch, answer phones enter data and maintain the grounds. The contributions of clubhouse members are essential to the community which improves the quality of our members' lives through programs such as transitional employment and scholarships. Almost 100 percent of our members report an improvement in their well-being. Clubhouse members also have higher rates of employment and fewer hospitalizations. Your contribution to Magnolia Clubhouse will help adults in Cleveland who live with mental illness find purpose, friendships and opportunity.