Meet Brother's Brother Foundation

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Brother's Brother Foundation
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Luke Hingson, President of Brother’s Brother Foundation, introduces the charity he has led since 1982. He gives a brief summary of how the charity was formed and how it fulfills its mission statement of Connecting People’s Resources with People’s Needs with imagery of the charity’s supported works displayed throughout. “Brother’s Brother is an international charity that gathers surplus needed items from various parts of the United States. We gather medical supplies from hospitals and companies, pharmaceuticals from companies, school books from publishers, and we work to get them into the hands of people who really need them. It started with my father who was a physician, and others mostly in the medical field. They wanted to help people, so they worked together to provide better health care. Better healthcare included immunization to prevent disease. Also, we came up with the idea of educating people so they could do better with their own lives. So, we created a number of partnerships with different types of organizations. Could be church groups, could be Rotary club, could be some people in governments, could be even ethnic associations. Our partner agencies that we work with guide us. When we work in the Philippines it might be with Rotary, it might be with Philippine American medical societies. They guide us to the places where people need help. We work together with hundreds of groups in the receiving countries to help thousands and millions. Visit our website at”