Music & Memory

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Music & Memory
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A resident in a nursing home listens to music with a caretaker. NARRATOR: “At Music & Memory, we bring individualized iPods and autobiographical music to individuals with disabilities and impairments to enhance their quality of days.” Marilyn, a participant in the Music & Memory program, explains why she loves listening to music on her iPod: “How else could I be on Broadway listening to this, except here?” While listening to “Lullaby of Broadway,” Marilyn sings along: “Goodnight, milkman’s on his way…” She passes her headphones to her friend, so that he can enjoy music, too. NARRATOR: “It’s important to support Music & Memory, because some day, we’re all going to be there. And we can think about, what do we want when we get to this point?” Nursing home residents and caretakers dance together, all smiling. NARRATOR: “There are other ways that we can create a better life for you when you get there.” Marilyn talks to the camera: “There’s nothing hurtful about music. It’s all total enjoyment. It brings out the good in everybody.” She heads down a hallway, away from the camera, and calls out, “Take care!”