Paws With A Cause changes "Disability" to "Ability"

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Paws With A Cause
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Video shows a female in a wheelchair approaching a commercial door and bumps into it, unable to open the door. She hangs her head in dejection. The word "Disability" appears above this scene. Then the female in the wheelchair approaches the commercial door, but this time with an Assistance Dog from Paws With A Cause, who jumps up and activates the push button on the wall for the automatic door opener. The door opens and the word "Ability" appears above this scene. The female says 'Hey... Thank you!" to the dog once the door is open. As the person and dog go through the open door, the words "You can help open a door" appears below the image, then fades to an image of the Paws With A Cause logo and the words "Give today".