The Perfect Match

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Southeastern Guide Dogs
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The words "Feel Good Friday Provided by: Southeastern Guide Dogs" come on the screen while a yellow Labrador walks next to a female trainer while on a leash. "Guide dog Keebler can't wait" comes on the screen as the dog walks past the camera. In the next shot the words "to meet Toni for the first time" comes on the screen, as an image of a woman's feet appear. Keebler sits next to the trainer and his tail wags as the trainer knocks on a room door. Toni appears on the screen as she says "Keebler come!" The door opens and Keebler pulls the trainer to Toni. The remainder of the video is Keebler licking Toni's face, and Toni petting Keebler. The words "It's a match made in heaven!" flash on the screen, before the Southeastern Guide Dogs logo appears