Refaat's Story- Arthritis Research

Headshot of Refaat Shafkey

Headshot of Refaat Shafkey My cause is Rheumatoid Arthritis Research. This cause is important to me because my mother suffered from this painful and debilitating disease, which was very stressful for the entire family. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) causes severe joint stiffness, pain, and inflammation eventually leading to deformation and disfigurement of the joints. There is no real cure for this disease; heavy doses of steroidal and non-steroidal drugs are used to manage the pain. These drugs have their own side effects and can lead to serious complications.

More research is needed to understand the root cause of RA and hopefully find a cure. The CFC provides a funding platform which by itself cannot cure this terrible disease, but it can help raise much needed funds for continued research. Every bit helps! As they say, an ocean is just a collection of many drops. The CFC allows all charitable causes a chance to get the attention they deserve and encourages people to support things they may not have noticed otherwise. 


Refaat Shafkey, Department of Transportation