Through Housing We Empower

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Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver
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Narrator: “What does it look like when a life is truly changed?” Female Speaker 1: “I feel a sense of accomplishment because I built a house. This house has brought us financial independence.” Male Speaker 1: “It’s a great place to raise a family.” Background: Workers helping one another *cheering, high-fives, laughing* Female Speaker 2: “Strength” Female Speaker 3: “Fuerza” Female Speaker 4: “When I look back from where we’ve come from to where we are today, it makes my heart very happy.” Male Speaker 2: “Potential” Male Speaker 3: ‘Potencial” Female Speaker 5: “For me this house means all of us together.” Female Speaker 6: Sniffle* “I’m sorry” Male Speaker 4: “Security” Female Speaker 7: “Security” Male Speaker 5: “Every family dreams to have their own house. This house changed our lives.” Narrator: “Habitat for Humanity is at work in metro Denver and around the world. Through housing we empower.”