Veterans Helping Veterans

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Veterans Outreach OC
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Retired Air Force Master Sergeant Martin Ventress, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Veterans Outreach OC, discusses the services available for Veterans in need while standing in front of one of our houses. Once a homeless veterans himself, he talks about the heartbreaking scenes of seeing veterans on the street as he walks through a homeless encampment. He then proceeds to show our community service and moves to one of houses for a tour of our shared affordable housing. SCRIPT: I’m retired Air Force Master Sergeant Martin Ventress and I serve as the Chairman of the Board of Veterans Outreach OC. I’m standing in front of one of our veteran homes where I lived several years ago while I received assistance through my challenges As I walk through this homeless community it breaks my heart as I didn’t serve my country to see some my fellow veterans living like this. Veterans Outreach OC strongly believes the most effective way to assist at-risk veterans is through a "veterans helping veterans" model within a substance-free environment with fellow veterans who are succeeding on the path of improving themselves. Our mission is to help those who have served our nation by providing affordable housing and services that they have rightfully earned. We will be here for them just as they were there for all of us!